Welcome to the magnificent, the divine, the beautiful, the controversial, the noisy, the still Morocco. You can, indeed, do anything here.

Morocco is a mesmerizing tapestry of diverse experiences, blending stories, dreams, and contrasts into a rich mosaic of culture and landscapes. Its pulsating cities captivate with vibrant colors, enticing street food, and bustling markets, where the art of trade thrives amidst a cacophony of sights and scents. Amidst majestic mountains adorned with Berber villages and hidden waterfalls, time seems to stand still, offering transformative trekking experiences and unparalleled perspectives.

Venturing into the grand Sahara reveals an ever-shifting landscape of towering sand dunes, painted in hues that evolve with the passage of the sun, while nights unveil a breathtaking celestial spectacle. Along the Atlantic coast, golden beaches meet azure waters, where the echoes of ancient medinas harmonize with the rhythm of crashing waves, creating a surreal theater of nature and human life. Morocco beckons with a symphony of sensations, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in its magic and mystery.

The palette of the cities

The enchanting, pulsating, noisy, colorful, fragrant cities. Some of them will dazzle you with an eye-crossing palette of colors while others will envelope you in their vivid whites, blues, reds and ever present colorful patterns. All of them are alive, bustling with people, crafts, shops, street foods and drinks. Allow yourself to get lost in any of them, to soak in the atmosphere, to open yourself to discovering every inch of the Moroccan way. Keep your eyes and heart open and every hidden street will share with you its beautiful stories. Taste the authentic food, listen to the prayers, book a hammam spa, take a local cooking class, enjoy a loud and adventurous street business of your lifetime. 

The gold of the desert

The majestic Moroccan Sahara. If you visit Morocco, you should never miss the chance to explore it. The vast, golden sand dunes that are the largest in the world and change daily to keep the thirsty traveler on his toes. Come night and you are enveloped with a million stars. Sahara will be your love for life. To those that will listen, it will reveal the stories of women who were beautiful, strong and free, and men who knew how to follow the signs and recognise the truth. In its seeming emptiness the desert holds more life than anywhere else. It is the place that invites us to open our inner tranquility and allow our heart and mind to expand in the same moment.

The reverence of mountains and valleys

The moment you leave Marrakech, or any other city, you cross an invisible timeline. And find yourself in nature so beautiful and unspoiled that you cannot help but wonder. Surrounded with mountains with white peaks, you can travel for weeks through the valleys and hills spreading around like endless flowing carpets in palettes of brown, ochre, and green. Occasionally stop at a Berber village to rest, recharge and witness a lifestyle untouched by civilisation. Perched on mountain tops and circled with stone walls the villages are inscripted with stories from the past. Allow yourself to travel in time and for a moment become part of ancient tribes.



The blue of the seas

Half of the Moroccan coast is enveloped by the sea - either the magnificent wild North Atlantic or the calm smooth Tyrrhenian sea. The beaches with golden sands, sky-blue waters, azure sky and friendly waves invite for a beach adventure of any kind - from romantic beach walks through beach horse and camel riding to yoga and surfing sessions. Observe the ocean from Casablanca's hotels where your wild dreams of decadent experiences will be fulfilled more than anywhere else. Book a romantic sail and spend the day sunbathing and swimming on beaches that can only be discovered with the help of the keen local sailors.