Curated wellness and wellbeing experiences & consciouss sustainable slow travel

AromiTravel create once-in-a-lifetime experiences, wellness retreats, hand-curated journeys, where body, mind and soul is nurturing through rare and unique synergy between the travel, wellness and philantrophy.

An unrivalled experiences, which help you to recharge, nurture, rejuvenate, reconnect with yourself, relax and improve your wellbeing.To become the best version of yourself.
Experiences that get to the heart of who you are and which have an positive effect that alters lives and lasts long after the trip has come to an end.
Because we believe we exist to create, connect & indulge.

All handpicked luxury wellness resorts, hotels, retreats and journeys takes care of travelers who desire to know the Moroccan kingdom of beauty and contrast, their people, heritage, culture. We selects true Moroccan experiences, solicits best local people, artists and craftsmen which connects you to Morocco and create memorable life experiences .In the way it honors the planet, the country, helps local people and communities, opens hearts and nurtures souls.

Every time you travel and enjoy with us the culturally connected experiences ,wellbeing and Wellness, we donate a an amount to a local project, community.

Our mission is to create a space where the need for taking and giving is in balance. A space where conscioss travel, wellbeing, wellness, self- discovery and philanthropy intersect. So that the future generations might live in a world that is a little bit more full of love and light.

We make your Moroccan dreams come true.

Feel four elements of Morocco - in individual trips and mice travel

Join our guided trips for a carefree and intense experience of Morocco. Let us take care of all your mice travel in Morocco.

Visit the fragrant, noisy, bustling Marrakech. Trek the mountains and valleys and find your own amethyst. Wander through the desert in a camel caravan and sleep under the millions of stars among sand dunes. Surf the azure waves of the Atlantic with a view of old white medinas.