Vibrant Yoga Journey through Mexico


January, 30- February10 / 2022

• Caribbean beaches • Lagoons, waterfalls and a rainforest • Pyramids and the secrets of Mays • Indian tribes and their traditions • Liberation of serpentine force • Ritual purification of the body and soul • Temazcal •


Teacher and practice

Judita Berkova

The author of the book “The Message of Asanas” Judita Berkova has been practicing yoga since year 2010 and became a yoga teacher in Prague in 2014. She organises yoga tours all around the world, is the author of her yoga programmes and also designs her own yoga clothes. In September 2018 she enrolled into a three year course “First Class Yoga Teachers”, which is the highest international yoga certificate carried out by the Charles University. Her book was published in October 2019 followed by her yoga programme “10 Days with Yoga”, a meditation package “Meditation of a Warrior” and “Dance Meditation”, as well as a yoga meditation training “How to Follow Signs”. Additionally, she is the co-founder of “La Que Sabe” projects, that organise an all-day dance and yoga gatherings and support women in acknowledging their bodies and femininity. Judita also collaborates with other projects such as “Natural Contraception”, “ Conscious Lovemaking” and “The Path of Ecstasy”, that all focus on the wisdom of human body.

Check out all of the adventures you may experience with us during your yoga retreat 

Bienvenido a México. Our adventure begins

Day 1 ~ Arrival to Mexico, Cancun

Arrival to the Cancun airport. The first connection with the country that with its unforgettable beauty, eye-capturing colours and diverse flavours and scents makes every memory so much stronger and memorable. Transfer to the hotel, check-in, free programme. 

First touch with amazing country and cocoa plantation

Day 2 ~ Palenque and Temazcal ceremony ritual

After breakfast transfer to the airport and direct flight to Villaherosa, state Tabasco. We will visit the cocoa plantation, where our local quide will show us the whole process after we will sure change the way how we think about the chocolate. Late afternoon from 3,5 hours transfer to our hotel in Palenque, free program.

New day, new sacred place - the spiritual Mayan archeological site - Palenque

Day 3 ~ The spiritual experience of ancient Palenque, Chiapas

After breakfast transfer to the mysterious city of Palenque. The atmosphere of the city will transport us back in time of the once famous Mayan civilisation. We will be able to see the majestic temples and tombs that have rooted their foundation in the depths of the jungle that has since then been excavated and restored. Ancient inscriptions will tell us the story of the city and its unrevealed secrets. A fog quietly spreads thorough the whole jungle and its ruins, underlining the mysterious atmosphere of the city. Without a doubt, Palenque is one of the most dominant places enriched by the ancient Mayan architecture, which makes the place so unique and incomparable.
Transfer to the hotel, free program.

Into the heart of the rainforest and Indians tribe

Day 4 ~ Yaxchilan ruin in Chiapas - the portal to a lost civilization and Lacandona Maya Indians

After breakfast 3 hour transfer  to Yaxchilan archeologilcal place  (yax-chee-LAN), which means “Place of Green Stones” in Mayan, is a place of wondrous temples, plazas and story-telling carvings and sculptures.

Poised on the banks of Rio Usumancinta in Chiapas (bordering neighboring Guatemala), this imposing compound has been swallowed by its jungle surrounding—ceiba and gum trees are home to chatty howler monkeys and toucans. Magical place where nature and man meet in inspiring harmony. The only well-trodden archaeological center in Mexico that can be reached only by  boat by Usumacint river that divides Mexico from Guatemala. The forty-five-minute boat trip takes us into the heart of one of the last remaining North American rainforests and ancient ruin city of Yaxchilan.
After exploring the complex, transfer to the Lacandon Maya Indian tribe  who with their long hair and white tunics resemble emissaries from another era and we are honored to sleep this night in  their comunnity.

Native mexican tribe - Lacandona and their fascinate traditions

Day 5 ~ Tribe, where children mark their birthdates by naming the trees that were in flower on the day they were born.

Breakfast and free program. We have whole day to dive into the ancient Mayan world of the rich history, religious beliefs, customs, and traditions of the ancient people of Lacandona - one of the most isolated native groups in Mexico. Lacandones have always lived inside the forest, rather than destroying the forest in order to live. Their children learn time-tested techniques for producing food and shelter by helping their parents with the work of daily life: planting and harvesting crops and gathering materials from the forest for tools, housing, and religious ceremonies. And we are honored and deeply grateful in our hearts for the opportunity to connect our journeys at least for a moment.

Late afternoon transfer back to Palenque, hotel, free program.

Immerse yourself to the magic of San Cristobal de las Casas city and waterfalls

Day 6 ~An ethereal San Cristobal de las Casas city and turquise waters of Aqua Azul waterfalls

Breakfast in the morning and transfer to San Cristobal de las Casas. San Cris is considered one of the pueblo mágico or "magic city with the mystical, indigenous and ethereal charm, where  the spirit of the colonial past persists and brings supernatural quality to this city.

On the way we will discover the cascading waters of Agua Azul, called the most beautiful natural attraction in Mexico, which take us back to a world more ancient; a timeless world where nature and man coexisted in harmony and natural glory.
Agua Azul cascades is  series of shallow pools with the crystalline blue water and waterfalls formed by rimstone dams. A splendid beauty place which is a retreat for the mind and spirit in the heart of the dense green rain forest.
Night in San Cristobal de las Casas.

Transcending time, observing rituals in San Juan Chamula pueblo mágico village

Day 7 ~ Magical sacred village San Juan Chamula

After breakfast we will visit the village  San Juan Chamula. There are many beautiful and magical sacred sites in Mexico, but few hold the strong energy of the indigenous traditions. Every Pueblo Magico offers a special experience. A "Magical Village"  with symbolism, legends, history, festivals, traditions, amazing street  food, and enjoyable shopping, day-to-day life – in other words, "magic" in its social and cultural manifestations.
Afternoon return to the San Cristobal de las Casas, free program.


Exploration day

Day 8 ~ Flight to Cancun

Breakfast and time to explore San Cristobal de Las Casas. Afternoon transfer to the Tuxtla Gutierrez (1,5 hod.), flight to Cancun where we will finish our day with some serious relaxation on the turquoise waters and white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya.

The day of rejuvenation and recharging

Day 9 ~  beach relax , visiting the Cenotes and Temazcal ritual

Breakfast and it’s beach time! Relax on the beach and soak up the sunshine, overlooking the turquoise Caribbean coastline and powder white sands of our beach on the Riviera Maya. Fully enjoy ocean adventures and the rich Mayan culture of the Yucatan Peninsula. The afternoon is intended for a care-free siesta out in Cenote - a fascinating underground cave water system unique for the Mexican Yucatan peninsula. The cave has an open roof, is decorated with blessed crystals and disposes with clean water and natural light, that reflects on to the walls of the cave creating an unique shimmering glaze. It is a place of a great spiritual meaning, however Mayans would use them for worshiping rituals. In the evening we will experience Temazcal which is a sacred ceremony engraved in the Mexican ancestry. This ritual is led by Xaman and is highly beneficial for the body and soul.

The day of rejuvenation and recharging

Day 10 ~  beach relax

Breakfast and it’s beach time! Relax on the beach and soak up the sunshine, overlooking the turquoise Caribbean coastline and powder white sands of our beach on the Riviera Maya. Fully enjoy ocean adventures and the rich Mayan culture of the Yucatan Peninsula.


The day of rejuvenation and recharging

Day 11 ~ beach relax

Breakfast and it’s beach time! Relax on the beach and soak up the sunshine, overlooking the turquoise Caribbean coastline and powder white sands of our  beach on the Riviera Maya. Fully enjoy ocean adventures and the rich Mayan culture of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Goodbye, until we meet again

Day 12 ~ Breakfast and departure from Cancun

After breakfast, we will drive to the airport and take off from Cancun. It is our wish that you depart with the knowledge, that the journey itself is the ultimate destination.

Prices and conditions: This 12-day retreat is curated and guided to fully allow you to enjoy your traveling and trip to the fullest, not having to worry about any details. Our beautiful hotels, exquisite local food and hand-picked experiences give you the best authentic Mexican experience.

Price: 2190 Eur/ pp.  We will be happy to book your holiday up to 400 Eur .

Dates: Januar 30 - February 10, 2022

Included in the price of the trip: all transfers during the stay, accommodation in a3* - 4* hotel with 2 bed rooms (single occupancy extra payment), breakfasts, yoga program with Judita Berkova, entrance fees according the program.

Not included in the price of the trip: Flight tickets, travel Insurance (mandatory),lunches and dinners, local fees 2 Eur/person/night, lunches, tours taken during your “free” time, all your shopping and cost of shipping if applicable, alcohol outside of planned dinners, staff gratuities.

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