10th - 17th  September  2024 (8 days / 7 nights)

Marrakech • Berber Stories • Local Markets • High Atlas • Liquid Gold Argan Oil • Moroccan Tea Ritual • Essaouira • Desert • Atlantic Ocean • Hammam Ritual •

Through the energy of the desert, mountains, ocean, vibrating cities and breathing techniques, we step into the power and clarity of our own vision and create our new destiny.



A WONDERFUL journey dedicated to self-discovery through a POWERFUL TECHNIQUE OF PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION - consciously connecting with BREATH

"BREATH LET GO - THE JOURNEY TO YOURSELF" is more than just an ordinary trip. In this program you can enjoy a combination of travel, breath and movement. Breathing exercises that promote healthy breathing, as well as therapeutic breathwork that we will perform at various unique energy points. Together we will embark on an adventurous journey with breath, culminating in a final transformational breath in the Moroccan desert.

During our trip, we will discover not only the wonderful places of Morocco, but we will also look inside ourselves. Our practice will help us to know ourselves and accept the world around us. Together we will embark on a journey of joy, energy and love.

Morocco is like a GATEWAY to another world. It is a landscape steeped in MYSTERY and MAGIC that, thanks to its pulsating ENERGY, absorbs you with perfect ease the moment you cross its threshold. You will feel it in the busy streets of Marrakesh, where the smell of pepper and mint mingles with the shouts of vendors, to the rhythm of drums. You will experience it in the majestic mountains of the Atlas Mountains, where time seems to stop for a moment. You can taste it in the waves of the Atlantic that wash over the endless beaches and in the colors of the sunrise that sets over the desert

Morocco OPENS YOUR EYES and AWAKENS ALL THE SENSES. And you  FEEL  life, real, raw, pulsing.

And suddenly, with this new quantum field, you will understand that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. That you too can start over, write your story from the beginning. With a clean slate, with new energy. Morocco will give you the strength to do it, it will be your companion on the way.



Jan Žalud

My name is Jan and I am your breath guide...

In my therapies, I emphasize the creation of a safe space in which all emotions and other expressions are welcome. Wherever you are in your life, through breath you can reach your full potential in your own original way. In my therapies, I combine practical exercises with theory. Functional breath with therapeutic breath. The path of breath is not the path of following your guru. It is a path to oneself. Activating your inner potential.

Breath therapy | Breath guide, functional breath
Certified facilitator of the International Breathing School Breathwork Space and certified instructor of Oxygen Advantage | Buteyko Clinic International

Adina Flimel

A mother, wife, businesswoman and visionary. Adina curated her Moroccan dream into Aromi Travel. She left the world of business to pursue her dream and created a grand vision that connects people, countries, cultures, traditions, talents and businesses through synergy between guiding throught the  travel, wellness and philantrophy. Morocco and Marakech is her second home. Adina curates projects that open opportunities in holistic travel wellness tourism and Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate.

The perfect combination of relaxation, knowledge and deep wisdom. We will experience all this together during our stay

Arrival to the wonderland

DAY 1 ~ Marhaba. Welcome!

Arrival in Marrakesh. We will meet after arrival at the airport, we will take a comfortable transfer to Riyadh (hotel), where a welcome ritual will await us - real Moroccan mint tea and typical Moroccan cookies. We start our stay by slowing down and relaxing in our beautiful Riad and enjoying a home cooked Moroccan dinner in the evening with a beautiful sunset.

PRACTICE: Opening of the common path, a short meditation attuning to the vibrations of Morocco. The first step towards a vision of a new future.

City of miracles - Marrakech

Day 2 ~ Old Medina, Berber Markets, Jemaa Elfna and Koutoubia Mosque.

Let´s have a breakfast cause Marrakech awaits us. Red City, Daughter of the Desert, Gateway to the Mountains, Pearl of the South and Baghdad of the West. A vibrant city where colors, smells, tastes and experiences heighten the senses. The city of miracles.

We will start to discover the beauties of Marrakesh in an ecological way. He who does not try, will not believe. After a few hours on a bike, we guarantee that you will be able to find your way around the old city - the medina - and you will become a real local Marrakchi. Together with young, local guides, at a pleasant pace, we will discover the hidden gems and corners of Marrakech, known only to locals and which usually remain hidden from tourists. In the afternoon, the markets in the old medina await us, for which we will allocate enough time. Because what we will see here together will far exceed our expectations. You can find here everything you can think of - beautiful Berber jewelry, fragrant spices, hand-decorated dresses like from 1000 and 1 Nights, typical Moroccan babouche shoes, leather handbags, hand-woven baskets, masterfully forged lamps, alabaster statues, precious stones and crystals, traditional Berber carpets. Early evening return to the hotel, dinner.

PRACTICE: Intention. Gratitude, humility, connection in the city of miracles. Breathing out fears and anxieties that prevent you from manifesting your potential.

The magic of the ancestors, the valley of beauty and the Berber culture

Day 3 ~ The Atlas Mountains, the desert, and the legacy of ancestors 

Breakfast and we will set out together to explore the clean and unspoilt landscape, experience traditional Moroccan life up close, and feel the exciting scenery of the majestic High Atlas Mountains.

Do you think that carpets do nothing for you? When you connect to the legacy of the ancestors through their powerful magic, believe that everything will be different. This whole ritual has its own certain rules. You have to lie down on your carpet and think, touch it with your feet and hands, and drink at least two cups of tea. And then it happens. Your carpet will attract you, normally like when love happens, only this is not between a woman and a man but between you and that carpet. This is how it works in this powerful magical land - the carpet will call you at the moment when you are ready to light up and activate the next diamond of your soul through symbols, colors, and the legacy of your ancestors

PRACTICE: Clearing and releasing dysfunctional limiting patterns, relationships, past and healing with the support of the Atlas Mountains.

Marrakech - enchanting beauty all around

Day 4 ~ Majorelle gardens, YSL museum, local HAMMAM experience

We wake up to the sound of the museon's voice calling the faithful to prayer. The iconic gardens of the Jardin Majorelle in the Gueliz district await us. After Jemaa El Fna Square, the second most visited place in Marrakech. Yves Saint Laurent's gift to a city that welcomed him with open arms after a very tumultuous period of life's ups and downs. 300 plant species from 5 continents.

In the afternoon, optional - a local HAMMAM experience is possible to enjoy.  Hammam is a traditional spa ritual, after which time and space take on a completely different dimension. The ritual, which is above all beneficial for the body and mind, has played an important role in Moroccan culture for centuries. The combination of heat and pure herbal preparations means that there are few treatments in the world as effective as the hammam. A traditional hammam procedure followed by a massage with the option of ancient massage techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

PRACTICE: Cleansing the physical body. A deep connection with yourself. With the support of the Hamam spa.


Love and happiness in the city of freedom

Day 5 ~ Essaouira. A city of beautiful sandy beaches, surfers and freedom

We wake up and get up to the singing of the muezzin's voice. Early breakfast and we leave for Essaouira. The memory of Jimmy Hendrix and the hippie movement, white houses, majestic palm trees, ocher city walls and golden beaches. This hidden city is made up of colors, sounds, rhythm, traditions and culture. It is a city of sandy beaches, surfers, freedom and independence. Welcome to paradise, surrender to the atmosphere and feel reborn. City tour, free program. Return to the hotel in the evening.

PRACTICE: Deep breathing dive to clean the body and soul. Love and presence, flow and the element of the sea.

Stone Marrakech desert

Day 6 ~ A magical place.

Breakfast and nourish yourself and fully immerse yourself in all the wonderful experiences that await you. You can  relax all  by the pool in our hotel and enjoy the warm and sunny weather, privacy, delicious home-cooked food prepared in the kitchen by local women from fresh ingredients

Afternoon,, we continue towards the stone desert with an amazing microclimate at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. A magnificent, and majestic place, with a million stars in the sky. We adapt very quickly to the rhythm of the desert with incredible ease. Love for life. We are in the desert and have the opportunity to experience camel riding. It won't just be about the ride itself - it will be about the Story. About the powerful story of women - who were beautiful, strong, and free and men who knew the Truth, understood the language of the desert and followed its signs. A story about trade caravans that traveled through the endless desert. Free program, swimming in the pool, music, dinner and return to the hotel.

PRACTICE: Rebirth into a new vision, strength, joy and love. My new destiny! With the support of the desert element at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

Take the time to do your own exploration

Day 7 ~ Plan your own Marrakech adventure or relax by the pool

Nourish yourself and for the last time fully immerse yourself in all the wonderful experiences that await you. You can just relax all day by the pool in our hotel and enjoy the warm and sunny weather, privacy, delicious home-cooked food prepared in the kitchen by local women from fresh ingredients. Or visit Marrakesh and explore the gardens, museums, experience the best cooking class we've ever had at the oldest restaurant in the medina, or do the most amazing shopping at the markets.

Bislama. Goodbye until we meet again

Day 8 ~ Breakfast and departure from Marrakesh

Treat yourself to a last breakfast in a land of beauty and contrast before your private driver takes you to the airport. In fact, after 10 days, but based on our experiences, we spent almost a month here. Our wish is that you leave knowing that the journey itself is the destination.





V spolupráci s miestnymi remeselníkmi a umelcami, s využitím tradičných techník a materiálov, rokmi práce a úsilia vznikla ozajstná oáza na vrchole kopca, v srdci berberskej dediny.   Vo vnútri riádu sú izby a apartmány  citlivo, dôkladne zariadené a vyzdobené ručne maľovanými starožitnými pokladmi, marockými textíliami a kobercami. Každý kúsok  je ukážkou majstrovstva miestnych umelcov.


10. - 17. 2024 (8 dní / 7 nocí)

• REGULÉRNA CENA: 1799  EUR/ osoba ubytovaná v dvojlôžkovej izbe
• ZVÝHODNENÁ CENA: 1695  EUR/ osoba ubytovaná v dvojlôžkovej izbe

Platba vo viacerých splátkach. 
Možnosť platiť za pobyt v 3  splátkach nasledujúcich po sebe na základe spoločne zvoleného intervalu. V prípade uplatnenie zvýhodnenej  ceny je potrebné uhradiť všetky splátky do 29.7.2024.


Tento  8-dňový plne sprievodcovaný poznávací pobyt slovensky hovoriacim sprievodcom  je pripravený tak,aby ste si mohli užiť svoje cestovanie a výlet naplno a nemuseli  sa starať o žiadne detaily. Naše krásne hotely, vynikajúce miestne jedlo a detailne pripravený program je preverený spoločnosťou Aromi Travel tak,aby vám poskytli ten najlepší autentický marocký zážitok.


•  všetky LOKÁLNE transfery počas pobytu
• 7x ubytovanie 
• 7x polpenzia
• Marakéš- prehliadka mesta podľa programu
• Marakéš- Bike prehliadka mediny a trhov
• Essaouira - prehliadka mesta
• Výlet na Púšť podľa popisu 
• Lokálny HAMMAM zážitok
• PROGRAM pod vedením JANA ŽALUD
• obajvovanie miestnej kuchyne, kultúry, spirituality, lokálnych remeselníkov, apoték a miestneho  poľnohospodárstva


• spiatočná letenka
• cestovné poistenie (povinné)
• miestne poplatky 2,50 Eur / osoba / noc
• vstupy Jardin Majorelle - 32 EUR , obedy
• vstupy, výlety počas vášho „voľného“ času, všetky vaše nákupy, alkohol
** AT si vyhradzuje právo zmeny programu zájazdu.

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