Wellness & Wellbeing stay in Morocco

• Marrakech • High Atlas • Argan oil • Ancient beauty rituals • Hammam bath ritual • Desert • Moroccan tea ritual •

MOROCCO. A land of beauty and contrasts. A place where the hot night is perfumed with the magical aroma of Arabian jasmine, the land of pink valleys, the most beautiful sunsets in a thousand shades of gold, the smell of orange blossoms and the sensual smell of spices that we can smell in the streets of the medina's breathtaking markets. Walking, in your typical Moroccan BABOUCHE shoes, at the entrance to the hidden hammam decorated with Moroccan "zellige" tiles, you immediately realize that this country offers the best in terms of beauty and wellness.

Moroccan beauty rituals and secrets, deeply rooted in religious purification and purity in connection with the landscape through domestic natural ingredients and the traditions of the original Berber population are highly effective. From the Atlantic coast to the edge of the desert, we find ingredients, rituals and procedures commonly used by Berber Moroccan women.

This well-being stay is prepared so that the life we live comes into balance. Thanks to ancient rituals, wellness procedures revealing the secrets of beauty and the essence of life, and experiences, our body, mind and soul relax enough, which in turn helps us to let go of things that no longer serve us.

Explore what you can experience during our stay

Arrival to the Wonderland

DAY 1 ~ Marhaba. You are warmly welcome.

Arrival in Marrakesh. After arrival, we will take a comfortable transfer to Riyadh (hotel), where a welcome ritual will await us - real Moroccan mint tea and typical Moroccan cookies. We begin our wellness and relaxation stay by slowing down and relaxing in our beautiful Riad, and in the evening with a beautiful sunset, we enjoy a homemade Moroccan dinner from the pure natural resources of our sanctuary.

City of miracles - Marrakech

Day 2 ~ Culture Day.
Old Medina, Berber Markets, Jemaa Elfna and Koutoubia Mosque.

Let´s have a breakfast cause Marrakech awaits us. Red City, Daughter of the Desert, Gateway to the Mountains, Pearl of the South and Baghdad of the West. A vibrant city where colors, smells, tastes and experiences heighten the senses. The city of miracles.

We will start to discover the beauties of Marrakesh in an ecological way. He who does not try, will not believe. After a few hours on a bike, we guarantee that you will be able to find your way around the old city - the medina - and you will become a real local Marrakchi. Together with young, local guides, at a pleasant pace, we will discover the hidden gems and corners of Marrakech, known only to locals and which usually remain hidden from tourists. In the afternoon, the markets in the old medina await us, for which we will allocate enough time. Because what we will see here together will far exceed our expectations. You can find here everything you can think of - beautiful Berber jewelry, fragrant spices, hand-decorated dresses like from 1000 and 1 Nights, typical Moroccan babouche shoes, leather handbags, hand-woven baskets, masterfully forged lamps, alabaster statues, precious stones and crystals, traditional Berber carpets. Early evening return to the hotel, dinner.

Sacred time for yourself and purification of body and mind HAMMAM

Day 3 ~ Wellness day.
It's time to start enjoying your stay to the fullest

Breakfast and we have time only for ourselves. We will survive and fully immerse ourselves in all the wonderful experiences that await us. We relax by the pool at our hotel and enjoy the warm and sunny weather, privacy, delicious food.

In the afternoon, a local HAMMAM experience awaits us. Hammam is a traditional spa ritual, after which time and space take on a completely different dimension. The ritual, which is above all beneficial for the body and mind, has played an important role in Moroccan culture for centuries. The combination of heat and pure herbal preparations means that there are few treatments in the world as effective as the hammam. A traditional hammam procedure followed by a massage with the option of ancient massage techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Marrakech - enchanting beauty all around

Day 4 ~ Fashion & Shopping & Culinary Day.
Majorelle gardens, YSL museum, culinary cooking course

We wake up to the sound of the museon's voice calling the faithful to prayer. The iconic gardens of the Jardin Majorelle in the Gueliz district await us. After Jemaa El Fna Square, the second most visited place in Marrakech. Yves Saint Laurent's gift to a city that welcomed him with open arms after a very tumultuous period of life's ups and downs. 300 plant species from 5 continents.

In the afternoon, we will dive into the secrets of Moroccan cuisine together and enjoy a culinary experience. Together, in the restaurant that Winston Churchill loved above all else, we will learn to prepare a meal that will be an unforgettable explosion of flavors, aromas and colors.

The magic of the ancestors, the valley of beauty and the Berber culture

Day 5 ~ Heritage Day.
The Atlas Mountains, the desert, and the legacy of ancestors 

Breakfast and we will set out together to explore the clean and unspoilt landscape, experience traditional Moroccan life up close, and feel the exciting scenery of the majestic High Atlas Mountains.

Do you think that carpets do nothing for you? When you connect to the legacy of the ancestors through their powerful magic, believe that everything will be different. This whole ritual has its own certain rules. You have to lie down on your carpet and think, touch it with your feet and hands, and drink at least two cups of tea. And then it happens. Your carpet will attract you, normally
like when love happens, only this is not between a woman and a man but between you and that carpet. This is how it works in this powerful magical land - the carpet will call you at the moment when you are ready to light up and activate the next diamond of your soul through symbols, colors, and the legacy of your ancestors.

In the afternoon, we continue towards the stone desert with an amazing microclimate at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. A magnificent, and majestic place, with a million stars in the sky. We adapt very quickly to the rhythm of the desert with incredible ease. Love for life. We are in the desert and have the opportunity to experience camel riding. It won't just be about the ride itself - it will be about the Story. About the powerful story of women - who were beautiful, strong, and free and men who knew the Truth, understood the language of the desert and followed its signs. A story about trade caravans that traveled through the endless desert. Free program, swimming in the pool, music, dinner and return to the hotel.

We fly away

Day 6 ~ Breakfast and departure from Marrakech

After an early breakfast, transfer to the airport and flight from Marrakech. In fact, after 6 days, but based on our experiences, we spent almost a month here.

A unique Spa & Wellness resort

During the first part of your stay, you will be staying in a traditional riad, which is a typical Moroccan house with a paradise garden in the middle, decorated rooms and soft candlelight at night. Thanks to this accommodation right in the center of the old medina, you will get to know the real Moroccan culture. The best dishes still have their own "hammam", a luxurious version of the traditional Moroccan public baths. This is where you will experience your wellness day with a real Moroccan hammam.



In cooperation with local craftsmen and artists, using traditional techniques and materials, years of work and effort created a real oasis on top of a hill, in the heart of a Berber village. Inside the riad, the rooms and suites are sensitively, meticulously furnished and decorated with hand-painted antique treasures, Moroccan textiles and carpets. Each piece is a showcase of the mastery of local artists.


Wellness & Wellbeing stay in Morocco

• REGULAR PRICE: EUR 1549 / person staying in a double room with dishes according to the description

•  all transfers during the stay
• 5 x accommodation with breakfast in Marrakech and half board in Atlas
• Marrakech bike tour, a visit to the Berber markets in the old medina, where we will experience the absolutely unexpected.
• Fashion day - visit to the iconic Jardin Majorelle gardens and the YSL museum in the modern Gueliz district. After Djemaa El Fna square, the second most visited place in Marrakech.
• Culinary experience
• Heritage and Culture day - a full-day trip, traditional Berber life, culture and the beautiful nature of the Atlas Mountains and the desert
• getting to know local cuisine, culture, spirituality, local artisans
• guide during the entire stay

• return ticket - we provide full assistance with booking
• lunches
• travel insurance (mandatory)
• local fees 2.50 Euro / person / night

To reserve a stay, please call +421 902 918 832 or send an email to adina@aromitravel.com. The number of participants is limited, so reserve your place and date as soon as possible.