Spoil your guests with Moroccan design, food, smells, and hospitality

The smell of the country, whether it is a pulsating city, tranquil countryside or a buzzing beach town will enchant you. Choose anywhere in Morocco, and we will hand-curate your event. Colorful facilities full of soul and typical lively design, centuries-old art of excellent dining and hospitable people catering for your event will make any event an unforgettable experience. For your family, friends, business partners, clients or employees. Anyone will feel like royalty.


Surprise your busy partners with a trip they will remember

Gather your trusted professionals somewhere they do not expect. Provide their busy schedules with a surprise trip that will embed in their memories for life. With our team of local partners we cover all areas of organisation, including selecting locations, hiring staff, hand-picking menus, hotel bookings and local entertainment programmes for the attendees and their guests. We curate our offers to suit the needs and budget of your company. Anything is possible.

Custom trips

Help us organise your workshop or journey for your people

Are you a yoga teacher? A jewelry artist? A life coach? A painter, a storytelling pro, an expert in health and nutrition? Someone with a passion dreaming to share it with others? In a workshop or during and active journey that will change lives of your participants? We will find you the best location, provide local support, food and guidance to make it a trip of their, and your, lifetime. Why not host your next workshop in Morocco and enhance your credibility?


Make a promise to keep your married life as grand as its initiation

Do you want an intimate ceremony, barefoot with a few privileged ones on a beach in Oualidia? A week-long beach or city vacation for all friends crowned with a sunset ceremony? A luxurious party in a location with a thousand hideaways and candles to keep you guests enchanted until the morning? Give us a sketch of your dream wedding and we will help you turn it into that one day which will set the stage high for all your life in marriage.


Escape together and create your first exquisite memory

Morocco's beauty and diversity feels just like a journey through dimensions of a marriage. It contains everything and the mastery lies in selecting the experiences that will make each of you happy. Do you want to rest in each-others arms on the beach? Wander busy streets in exotic towns? Trek mountains hand-in-hand? Isolate yourself on the desert and gaze at the stars? Or weave all of this into one epic honeymoon trip? Begin your married journey with an experience that will be curated to satisfy you both. We are here to help.

Corporate events

Why not take your clients, partners or employees to Morocco?

Corporate events take a lot of time and creativity, with clients, partners and employees expecting more each time they receive an invitation. Why not try us and our team of local partners? Provide us with your ideas and budget and we will help you create an event that will, indeed, be more. We select locations, hire local staff, hand-pick menus, book hotels and local entertainment programmes. Give us a call.

Influencer trips

Enchant your followers with accounts of grand adventures

Are you looking for the next adventure that will satisfy you and also your followership? For a combination of meaningful travel, interesting activity, photogenic landscapes? Set your imagination free and weave your passion into the multidimensional country that Morocco is. We can help you make a trip that you will proudly present on your insta feed. 

Tailor-made itineraries

Let us help you create your itinerary and travel on your own

If you like to travel on your own, but appreciate safety, let us serve you. We tried the best places and experiences, and work with reliable locals. We plan your itinerary to your preferences, dates and budget. With us you have two options: (1) We prepare your itinerary and provide you with contacts to make your own reservations. You travel on your own, but enjoy the safety of reliable local accommodation and experience providers – a fee of 250 Eur. (2) We prepare your itinerary and do your bookings, including flight tickets, airport transfers, accommodation, experiences. As much safety as you like, yet you still travel on your own – a fee of 500 Eur.

Brand Campaigns

Present your products on the breathtaking backdrop of Morocco

At times of abundance and constant marketing attacks on your clients it is not easy to create campaigns that will stand out the information traffic, grab your clients interest or even hearts. If you are planning a photoshoot, making a video or creating a campaign, which would benefit from stunning landscapes and colourful, vibrant backdrops, consider Morocco. Consult with us and we will find you unseen venues, excellent artists and local helpers.


Do anything and anywhere in Morocco with us

It is our greatest privilege to try to make the impossible materialize. To fulfill any dream in a way that is meaningful and delightful for all parties adding to that one grand dream. Let us know what you desire to experience in Morocco and we will find a way to make it happen with grace and respect to the country.

Travel Vouchers

Gift your loved ones a travel adventure

You can now order a travel voucher as a gift to people you love. Decide what you would like them to experience in Morocco, state your budget and we will create a personalised plan that you can pre-pay and give as a gift. We will provide you with an A5 beautifully designed, personalised travel voucher and a complete travel plan. Call us now and let us know what your dream trip to Morocco will look like.