Curated wellness and wellbeing experiences & conscious sustainable luxury slow travel & wellness beauty products for pleasure 

I am Joy • Courage • Wellbeing •  Wellness •  Rejuvenation • Nurture • Inspiration • Nobleness • Sustainability • Ritual • Recharge • Essence • Metamorphosis • Celebration • Connection • Happiness • Commitment • Wisdom • Tradition • Grace • Freedom • Light • Hope • Yearning • Heart • Love • Faith. I am AromiTravel.

We care for your Moroccan dreams

AromiTravel creates once-in-a-lifetime experiences, soulful wellness retreats, hand-curated journeys, where body, mind and soul is nurtured through rare and unique synergy between travel, wellness and philantrophy.

Our mission is to create a space where the need for taking and giving is in balance. A space where conscioss travel, wellbeing, wellness, self- discovery and philanthropy intersect. So that the future generations might live in a world that is a little bit more full of love and light.

We believe in our well-being and in travel as a reflection of our lifestyle. We create every aspect to ensure that no matter where we are, we feels like home.

This is our vision, our way, our life. From the very first moment when AromiTravel was born.


| Wellness & Wellbeing Experiences

Unrivalled experiences, which help you to recharge, nurture, rejuvenate, reconnect with yourself, relax and improve your wellbeing.To become the best version of yourself.

Experiences that get to the heart of who you are and which have an positive effect that alters lives and lasts long after the trip has come to an end.

Because we believe we exist to create, connect & indulge.


| Heritage & Culture Travel Experiences

We travel to places that we know and love. All handpicked resorts, hotels, retreats and journeys take care of travelers who desire to know the Moroccan kingdom of beauty and contrast, its people, heritage, culture.

We select true Moroccan experiences, solicit best local people, artists and craftsmen, which connect you to Morocco and create memorable life experiences. In a way that honors the planet, the country, helps local people and communities, opens hearts and nurtures souls.


| Philantrophy

We are constantly seeking cooperation with local organisations, foundations, people in the whole of Morocco that create, support and implement local projects with the aim to increase quality of life for locals in different areas.This conscious effort is to uplift their communities, support the environment and innovate the landscape.

Every time you travel and enjoy with us the culturally connected experiences, wellbeing and Wellness, we donate an amount to a local project, community.


| Conscious sustainble slow travel

Our commitment in the Impact travel is about creating a sustainable footprint. Its a journey, which starts with small, everyday changes.

We strongly believe that sustainable tourism and mindful conscious travelling has a positive impact on the destination enviroment, economy and culture.


| marocMaroc - exclusive wellness brand partner

marocMaroc is one of the world´ s most developed luxurious spa & wellness & hammam brand in the world and is inspired by the ancestral beauty of moroccan women. It is total sensory experience and journey of the sences.

Each of its 20 products designed for the body, face and hair has been inspired by a story, a ritual, and an essence, which associated with Morocco. The magnifcent Moroccan raw materials are at the heart of the brand - richness of the argan and prickly pear seeds oil, majesty of the pale and wild roses, authenticity of almond flowers, aphrodisiac smell of amber and orange blossom flowers.

The entire range is hypoallergenic, highly innovative with delicious textures, free from mineral oils, silicones and parabens. To add recognized expertise in cosmetology, all our products are made and produced in France.

It is an honor for us to introduce marocMaroc products through our  e-shop and as a stabil and trustable agent for the wellness and spa hotels.

AromiTravel connects people who love Morocco and see themselves contributing to the company's vision

AromiTravel creates a community of supporters of Morocco, who can add to the vision to provide authentic travel experiences in the country and connect Moroccan country, people, heritage, culture and business with the rest of the world. In a way that honors the country and helps its people.

Being part of the AromiTravel community is about having the commitment and belief that travel can be more than just an industry. Building relationships and finding new ways to change the world - for travelers and local communities.

If you see yourself as part of our team, contact us.


Meet the team


Adina Flimel

Founder & Visionary

A mother, wife, businesswoman and visionary. Adina curated her Moroccan dream into Aromi Travel. She left the world of business to pursue her dream and created a grand vision that connects people, countries, cultures, traditions, talents and businesses through synergy between travel, wellness and philantrophy. Morocco and Marakech is her second home. Adina curates projects that open opportunities in holistic travel wellness tourism and Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate.
Contact: +421 902 918 832,

Lenka Wagner

Aromi Travel Agenda Manager

Lenka has always enjoyed meeting new people and maintaining a lot of relationships. She loves trying new things, creating new methods, and introducing new ideas as well as exploring new places. As part of Aromi Travel team, she has got the opportunity to extend her horizons and become a real travel advisor in a worldwide travel agency. "If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy." Dale Carnegie.

Contact: +421 902 933 399,

Aromi Travel connects people, talents, traditions, businesses, countries and continents

Aromi Travel specialises on Morocco. We provide mice travel events, guided retreats, guided journeys through Morocco, organise all types of social, family, business and professional events and workshops anywhere in Morocco. If you are interested in a hand-curated trip or an event of any kind in Morocco, contact AROMI TRAVEL.