Spend your  holiday hidden in Atlas 

Half-an-hour from Marrakech, on a hilltop, in the heart of a Berber village, completely away from civilisation, stands our hidden riad. Seven luxurious rooms, warm pool, rooftop terrace and far Atlas mountain views. Ideal for families and groups of friends wishing for a holiday away from people, either by the pool or with daily trips to the country. 

Enjoy local cuisine freshly cooked by riad chef with ingredients from local organic garden. Make a interesting trip every day or spend your days relaxing at the side of the pool while children explore the surrounding unspoilt nature. Spend evenings gazing at the stars on the rooftop and sleep in authentic Berber tents. Read on about adventurous options. Or check our more about the riad here.

Check out the level of adventure you could have during your holidays in hiding

Days at the pool

Hide in luxury with views of the mountains

In our luxurious riad situated on a hilltop with views of the mountains and a Berber village, you can spend many days unseen and hidden from any signs of civilisation. Relax all day by the pool while your children expore the unspoilt and safe surrounding nature. Enjoy the hot and sunny weather, privacy, exquisite home-made food prepared fresh in the riad kitchen by local women from fresh ingredients. 

Nights in Berber Tents

Sleep safely under the stars

If you grow tired from the luxury of your room, you can choose a light adventure. While still in the grounds of our luxurious riad, you can decide to test the Berber life-style and sleep in Berber tents. Spend the hot Morrocan nights imagining the traditional life-style of the wild Nomads. Listen to the sounds of the night nature while still safe under the guard of the Master of the house. 

Cinema Nights

An experience like no other under the Morrocan sky full of stars

Just imagine. Lie down on comfy sunbeds on the rooftop terrace or sit on the floor on cushions like Nomads. Enjoy an open-air movie during hot summer nights under the sky full of stars while drinking saffran mint tea with orange blossom flowers or wine. It does not matter what wine you prefer, whether it is the red one from the area surrounding Meknes and Volubilis; or white and pink wine from Essaouria.
In any case, we claim that Moroccan wines are delicious.

Observing the stars

The dream of the night sky 

Many civilizations studied the sky and used their discoveries for orientation, as reference in the desert to safely run their trading routes by caravans from South to North and vice versa. The stars showed them the way back to camp sites and families. Discover the Milky Way, the Polar Star, the Planets Saturn and Jupiter, the constellations of the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and Cassiopeia and try to identify stars like Arcturus, Vega, Altair, Sirius. Relive the story of nomadic style and learn how the sky, stars, planets impacted the life of the desert people.


The city of amazing sand beaches, surfers, freedom, and independence

The beachy, boho sister to Marrakech with deep blue skies and fresh sea air. Fishing boats in the harbour, whitewashed walls and cobalt blue doors inside the medina. The city has drawn artists, poets and musicians ever since, it has galleries on every corner, live music in bars and riads, and glimpses of street art in the alleyways in between. The medina is now a Unesco World Heritage Site and the historical port the beating heart of the town, making Essaouira very famous for fresh seafood. The pace in Essaouira is blissed out, set by the inhale-exhale of the tide for leasurly meals, shopping, stopping, and smelling the rose oil. A laid-back hippie hangout to escape to again and again.

Atlantic Ocean – Oualidia

The unhuried, white and hot oyster capital 

After visiting the busy souks of Marrakech, slip down a few gears at Oualidia, where the pace is as unhurried as the tide that shapes its ever-shifting landscape. This delightful beach village is protected by natural tranquil lagoon paradise. Oualidia, also known as Morocco's "oyster capital", calls for a feast on freshly caught seafood washed down with crisp white wine. A place full of famous gold beaches, gorgeous crescent-shaped lagoons fringed with hot sands, an opportunity to gorge on shellfish in fantastic fish restaurants. At sunset, stroll along the beachfront to spot migrating flamingos and colourful wooden boats as they pull into the shore.

Cooking workshops

Cook as a native Marrakchi

Saffron from Telouine, mint and olives from Meknes, oranges and lemons from Fes. The country and its cuisine is full of contrasts where the past and the future are inseparable. All tastes are intensified and the exotic scent of spices accompanies us everywhere. The cuisine has been influenced by the cultures of Berbers, Jews, and Arabs. Dive into its secrets and learn to cook food, which will provide an unforgettable explosion of tastes, scents, and colours.

Camel rides

Become Nomad for a day

A trip with a camel is not only about camels. You can feel an epic story behind it. The story about  beautiful women and strong men who learned the Truth, understood the language of the Desert and followed its signs. The story of caravans that were wandering through the desert.

Donkey ride and Berber home visit

Try the traditional Berber taxi

A true cultural experience with beautiful views of the Atlas range. Enjoy lunch served in a traditional way at a lovely local house, a great opportunity to see everyday life in a Berber village, which is tough and special. Men work in the fields and are responsible for wood for the winter, sell cattle and goods at the markets. Women raise their children, bake bread, cook food, look after domestic animals, fetch water. They are responsible for seasonal duties - harvest of olives, almonds, walnuts, corn. Meeting with local people is always one of the top moments for our clients. Provided we set off on Tuesday, we will experience authentic local market and shop like locals.

High Atlas Trekking

Enjoy a trek suited to your fitness level

Fantastic walking opportunities to enjoy the best and the most scenic and spectacular treks in the surrounding areas. You can choose according to your taste from easy local short walks (up to 2 hours), medium walks (2 to 4 hours), or more challenging all-day trips for about 8 hours of walking. All of them are fabuluos tailor made trips to suit to your needs with a professional, licenced local English-speaking guide who will, while trekking with you, tell you about Berber culture, local animals and plants and local life.

Hot-air balloon ride

The most romantic views of the country

Imagine the most romantic sunrise above the desert, breath-taking views of distant peaks of the Atlas and Berber villages. Everything in a peaceful, silent atmosphere of the morning. Your reward will be the best breakfast in the heart of a Berber village. Experiences you will never forget.

A trip to Ourika Valley

Hidden treasure of unspoilt nature

You will discover a different new world only 50 minutes  drive from our hideaway. The valley along the river Ourika offers unforgettable views of the tops of the Atlas mountains full of cherry and almond groves. Amazing views and waterfalls, traditional Berber lunch. On the way back  local cooperatives, where some of the most beautiful and high-quality carpets in Morocco are sold.

Agafay Desert

The magical place

Visit the stony desert Agafay with amazing micro climate at the foot of Atlas mountains. Breathtaking landscapes, different lights all day and snowy peaks in the background. The place, where night brings a million stars and gives us a chance to enjoy a stillness for the senses, for the soul, that we will never experience anywhere else. Love for the rest of our lifes.

The wonderfull Ouzoud Waterfalls

The most remarkable natural miracle with formidable view

Are you ready to explore this wonder of moroccan nature? Trust us, this experience is beyound awesome. We will discover the most spectacular waterfalls - 100m high, beautiful green landscapes populated by monkeys and birds and small quiet and peaceful village Ouzoud.

Traditional Hammam

Immerse yourself

A unique opportunity to connect with locals and be absorbed into Moroccan culture through a visit to one of the traditional Hammams. Hammam is a traditional bath ritual after which time and space gain different dimensions. The ritual highly beneficial for the body and soul has been very significant in Morrocan culture for centuries. It is a unique combination of warmth and pure herbal products that make the procedure one of the most efficient treatments. Traditional hammam is a treatment with massage techniques, which have been passed from generation to generation. We provide a local escort who will explain the history, traditions and products and guide you through the steps of this ancient practice, finishing the afternoon with either a traditional henna session for her or a Hssana dlewjeh (close shave) for him.

Glorious High Atlas Mountains and Kasbah Toubkal

Glimpse into authentic Berber culture

Leave at dawn on an excursion to the High Atlas mountain range, where you will enjoy a tasty traditional Moroccan tea at the foot of Toubkal, the highest and most majestic peak in North Africa, overlooking a panorama of impressive scenery.You will then set off to discover the waterfalls of the small village of Imlil with its mules and local artisans. After this cool escapade, refresh with lunch at the pearl of Toubkal, the famous Kasbah Tamadot retreat owned by Sir Richard Branson.

Souk Tasting Trails in Marrakech

Winding our way through the alleys and souks with a food expert.

We’ll visit three different food souks allowing the chance to try traditional Moroccan street food including dried meats, milawi, harsha, briwats, spicy sardines, spicy potato cakes, soups, olives and more. At the honey souk we’re you’ll be able to taste an array of delicious wild honeys, discuss their flavors and health-giving properties and find out why honey is so important in Moroccan cooking and Islamic culture. We’ll investigate traditional cooking methods by visiting a furnatchi where the water for the communal bath house ‘hammam’ is also heated, and a 400 year old ‘furan’ or communal oven and bakery. Discover the world of spices and their uses and the secrets of the male-oriented domain of the tea den under the guidance of a culinary leader and story-teller.


Carpet Auctions in the Middle Atlas Mountains

A taste of real Morocco

Explor the world of rug auctions in the middle Atlas mountains, from meeting the women who make the carpets and are selling their wares to the end vendor, ready to transport back to the major cities .If you’re interested in buying carpets  or just want to find out how it all works, who makes the carpets, where they come from and experience the excitement of a real live rug auction, we will take you on the journey from opening bid to purchased product.

Unveiling Beauty Secrets From Ancient Times

ARGAN oil - Moroccan liquid gold

In this modern age of new world cosmetics we invite you into the world of ancient beauty secrets and where it all began.

Participate in a workshop that unearths traditional methods and natural beauty products that can easily be made in your own home by yourself or with friends.Sip Moroccan tea  and we take you through the traditional products including Argan oil, sabun bildi and eau de fleur with step by step instructions so that you understand the properties of the ingredients, how and why they are used and the benefits they each provide.


Quad getaway

Fantastic adventure in Lalla Takerkoust

We will take you to the beautiful Lake Lalla Takerkoust a few kilometer from our hideaway  for a quad ride around the lake. Explore the area, following tracks through canyons and fords, surrounded by a sumptuous view of the Atlas Mountains. You will be supervised in complete safety by professionals. A fun experience to share with family or friends!

Unspoiled nature of the Kik Plateau

Explore the stunning landscapes

Experience traditional Moroccan life and stunning scenery on a trip  to the Kik Plateau, a distinctive limestone outcropping in the Atlas Mountains that offers wonderful views of the lush valleys below. Then, follow a mountain road at an elevation of (1,800 meters) and explore traditional Berber villages, admire Oukaimeden beautiful mountains and the valley of Sidi Faress. Then, visit a local restaurant or take the amazing opportunity to have an authentic experience of the Berber culture by tasting a Moroccan lunch. Afterward, head toward the Asni Valley, located high in the Atlas Mountains.Travel back in time for an unforgettable moment.

Marrakech by bike

Discover Marrakech in an eco-friendly way

Who does not try, does not believe. After 2 hours on a bike, you will be able to orient yourselves in the old city- Medina- as a local citizen. Or,let us discover Plameraie together.

Marrakech by vintage motorbikes

Bespoke and exclusive sidecar journeys

You have not really seen the Red city unless you have ridden a motorbike with a sidecar furnished with a sexy leather upholstery. Our
local veterans will ride you around the city, along sideways and your experiences will be enhanced by topics like architecture, photography, food, culture, and history.

An evening in Marakech night club

Enjoy the best night in your life

Even though we are in a Muslim country, we know where to go to meet our expectations. Marrakesh is the city
of luxurious night clubs and we know where the best ones are situated.

Marakech medina tour - sightseeing around the city

Storytelling of the daughter of the desert

The Red city, the Daughter of the Desert, the Gate to the Mountains, the Pearl of the south and Baghdad of the west. This all is Marrakech. The city that pulses, where scents are intensified thanks to its colours, scents, tastes and experiences. The city of miracles where hot African nights are perfumed by Arabic jasmine. The history of the town, Koutoubia mosque, The Palace of Bahia with harem, Oriental shopping, scents of spices and mint tea.

A hidden gem of Islamic art  - Tinmel Mosque

Sacred place in the heart of Morocco´s High Atlas Mountains

Tinmel Mosque is  the cultural and spiritual cradle of the Almohads founded by Mehdi Ibn Toumert in the early 12th century and was his command center for the conquest of Marrakech in 1147.The architecture of this monument is typical and was the great source of inspiration for the construction of the famous Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech.You will enjoy beautiful views of the traditional Berber villages and stands on Nfi Valley ‘to Lake Ouirgane where you can enjoy a good tea with local herbs accompanied by homemade bread, d olive oil, olives, honey… in the shade and the shores of this huge lake you will enjoy unique natural paintings of the Atlas Landscapes full of contrasts of lights and reflections of shadows and colors to take your breath away.

Ait Ben Haddou and Telouet Kasbah

The best of the south of Morocco 

This trip will give you the chance to experience the best of the south, learn more about the Glaoui tribes and visit the most famous kasbahs of Morocco. Cross the Atlas Mountains and take the road to the Sahara Desert and the old caravane routes.

Kashbad Telouet, known as the palace of the El Glaoui family, where we will stop for lunch. Once the center of the trans-Sahara trade empire, a significant market place specialising in salt is a gem of Moroccan architecture. The story goes that 300 workers worked for three years to decorate the ceilings and walls. These are made of stucco, zellige and cedar paintings for the ceiling.

In the afternoon - AIT BED HADDOU- we will explore the most significant example of Moroccan earthen clay architecture the old Berber fortified village, Ksar, the Berber castle, Taourit and the movie Mecca. The ancient town on the top of the hill appeared in films like Lawrence from Arabia, The Mummy, Gladiator, Alexander the Great, and the beautiful film Seherezade. A visit to the film studios is a highlight of today.


Marrakech shopping tour

Expect unexpected

Marrakesh is a dream of every “shopaholic.” Everything you can think of can be found here. Amazing hand-made Berber jewelry,
fragrant spices, dresses like from one thousand and one nights fairy- tales, shoes, luxurious leather handbags, hand-made baskets, alabaster sculptures, precious stones, traditional Berber carpets. We will visit the best places and we will help you bargain for
the best price.

Yoga, Pilates in Marrakech.

Nomad heart experience.

We can book a yoga or pillates lesson for you so that you will not have to skip your routine while in Marrakesh. We know the best teachers in the city. Try a yoga lesson in Marrakesh, experience that almost every Nomadic heart longs for.

Prices and conditions:

ENJOY your holiday and take it as a great opportunity to escape with your family and friends to our hideaway. There are 7 rooms in the riad for 17 people max. Please see room details here. In case of emergency there are more bed capacities in salon and berber tents – please contact us for more details.

EXCLUSIVE USE rate for the whole RIAD, 7 rooms, 17 people: 7 nights bed and breakfast, transfer from/to airport 6990 EUR. SMALL GROUP USE rate, 7 nights, bed and breakfast  for 499 EUR/person in sharing  room.

Not included in the price of the trip: Flight ticlets but will be our pleasure to help you with all booking details.Travel Insurance (mandatory), local fees 2 Eur/person/night, lunches, dinners, tours taken during your “free” time.

To reserve your place please call Adina at +421 902 918 832 or send an e-mail to adina@aromitravel.com and allow us to make your HOLIDAY  unforgetable.

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