O argáne, bez ktorého by Maroko nebolo Marokom

Argánovník je vzácna vec, a to platí o jeho účinkoch, aj výskyte. Zopár stromčekov majú aj v Izraeli a Alžírsku, no Maroko má monopol.

V Maroku neprejdete ani dvadsať krokov, aby ste nenatrafili na niečo súvisiace s argánovým olejom. Buď sú to výrobky (takmer všetky s certifikátmi bio, eko, organic, všetko dohromady, čo sa na etiketu u grafika zmestilo), alebo samotné stromy a tiež argánové dielničky a mini továrničky, kde sa to všetko vyrába. A to je na jednej strane fajn, lebo veď oukej, argánový olej je tekuté zlato a zázrak zázrakov, ale na druhej strane vás v istej chvíli argán prevalcuje a vy nebudete tušiť, ktorý si kúpiť a ktorý nie a ako to všetko rozoznať.
A preto máte nás:-)

The current situation in Morocco from the perspective of our CEO Adina Flimel

Listen to an interview with our CEO Adina Flimel with the most up-to-date information on the current situation in Morocco.



Our new E-SHOP, the wellbeing sanctuary of moroccan treasures was born. Fully immerse yourself in all of the wonderfull holistic wellness experiences.

It is an honour for us to introduce you our new e-shop with an iconic wellness brand marocMaroc.
Let us invite you to a journey.
To a noble symphony journey of timeless beauty, highest quality and traditions.
To the luxury holistic wellness journey, with BODY, MIND and SOUL nurtured by the best ingredients and ancient rituals uncovering the secrets of beauty and essence of life.
To a journey of the senses - richness of argan and prickley pear seeds oil, majesty of pale and wild roses, authenticity of almond flowers and afrodisiac smell of amber and orange blossom flowers.

New ERA of travelling – absence of travelling made a new self-consciousness

Nurture yourself - fully immerse yourself in all of the wonderful experiences – longer vacations

The absence of travelling gave us the opportuity to discover what travelling means for us.
Being a part of the AromiTravel community is about having an attitude, commitment and belief that travelling can be more than just an industry. Building relationships and finding new ways to change the world - for travelers and local communities. We  guide you throught an  authentic sustainable travel experiences in the country through the synergy between the travel, wellness and philantropy and connect Moroccan kingdom, people, heritage, culture and business with the rest of the world. In a way it honors the country,  helps local people, opens hearts and nurtures souls.

This is our vision, our way, our life. From the very first moment when Aromi Travel was born.


Be very warmly welcome back again: Morocco reopens the air borders under specific rules.

Travelling safely to Morocco

We take care of our travelers who desire to know the real Morocco and its people and so we are happy and excited after long months to welcome our first clients in the Kingdom of Beauty and Contrast.

To be able to welcome and host you, just to be sure to follow the rules:

 • 72h negative PCR • confirmed hotel reservation • a confirmed special flight with one of these airlines:RAM - AIR ARABIA - TRANSAVIA - QUATAR - PEGASUS - TURKISH AIRLINES - EGYPT AIR - TUNIS AIR - AIR PORTUGAL - EMIRATES - RYANAIR • complete a passenger health form online at http://www.onda.ma/form.php, printed, signed  and to be presented on arrival in Morocco.




Soon we bring the best of Moroccan cosmetics to you - secrets of beauty of Moroccan women

We have a contract with marocMaroc, the world’s most developed luxurious spa and hammam brand

Soon we will introduce to you the Moroccan brand marocMaroc. Their 20 luxurious products for the body, face and hair tell the story of timeless beauty and traditions. A brand that is an experience for the senses. Each product is a culmination of experience that has been passed down over generations. They utilise the best of Moroccan natural ingredients - argan oil, rhassoul, orange blossom water, pale and wild roses, honey extract. Highly innovative and delicious textures provide exquisite care and cherish traditional Moroccan beauty.

Intense spiritual training with awakened master in the heart of Morocco postponed from June to September 2020

 If you look for a potentially life-changing spiritual experience, consider Morocco with Sacchidanandaprem Swamin

For the first time in Morocco, in a stunning riad, perched on a hill in the heart of a Berber village, with breathtaking views of the country, and only a 20 minute drive from Marrakech. Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin will be teaching, through intense practice, how to make living in awareness and joy part of your daily life. 

Adina Flimel introduced the Moroccan kitchen in the March issue of Apetit Magazine

Aromi Travel was featured  the "postcard from" section of Apetit 

What not to miss in the City of Marrakech while you are visiting and what are the most interesting ingredients of the Moroccan kitchen is the topic of a four-page feature in the top Czech culinary magazine Apetit.